"Hung Nguyen is an excellent realtor. Hung shows his understanding toward his clients and good knowledge in his business. Hung truly care about his clients and compassionate with his work as a realtor."

-Nguyenlan1 on 12/16/2013


"I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received from Sean during my recent real estate sales. He went out of his way to help me get my property ready and then quickly found buyers. He gave straight answers to every question and kept me continually updated. Closings occurred on schedule and were hassle free. I highly recommended Sean."

-dkcolorado on 02/12/2014


"We had a rental home we had been wanting to sell for a few years. When our tenants moved out it became apparent we had two choices. I love Zillow and when looking at market values and rental rates I came across Sean Chao's name. I e-mailed him and in less than (15) minutes Sean was on the phone with me. Let me just say, he continued that kind of promptness throughout the process of selling our home. On the phone that evening I learned about Sean and his family, his dedication to his work and that his integrity. I told my husband if Sean can make the buyers as comfortable as he made me (the seller) this evening on our first call, he will surely sell our home quickly.

Within a couple of days we had multiple buyers and Sean sold our home well above our asking price. He knew the market and knew the neighborhood. We were blessed to have Sean's personal attention and are very thankful to him. We would certainly call on him again.

-Cheryl-1999 on 11/16/2013


"We listed my mother's home in Greenhaven to sell with Sean. His network of local contacts was of great help in getting the property ready for the market and his always available for prompt replies via phone, text or email. He and his team gave the listing their full attention and we were able to receive an offer and close with a minimum of out-of-pocket costs. He shows an honest care and compassion about his clients and I would highly recommend him!"

-user98914457 on 08/19/2013


"I rarely submit reviews online, so if I ramble bear with me. Sean is a great agent, he helped us purchase our new house in Folsom and sell our old house in Mather. Here are the qualities I like about him:

Sean is honest. After we sold our old house and the deal was done, Sean mentioned that we were due a refund since the paperwork reflected a commission half a percent higher than he intended. Well, the paperwork already reflected a reduced commission rate so we hadn't noticed this, but we gladly accepted an additional refund LOL.

If you need to get things fixed on your property, Sean knows a lot of useful people. When we bought our new house, the roof needed repair, the backyard needed some work, and inside the house we wanted to fix a few things. Sean recommended some honest people who could get this done for a reasonable price. We were so impressed, we subsequently got his help finding someone who could redo our front yard :)

Sean goes the extra mile. Once we moved to our new house and put our old house up for sale, Sean organized a garage sale to help us get rid of stuff we didn't want anymore. We were so tired getting things done at the new house, it was really helpful that we didn't need to do anything as Sean made a list of things that sold and gave us the proceeds. Anything that didn't sell, Sean found people who were willing to take the junk off our hands.

In summary, I would give Sean my highest recommendation. Besides the qualities above, I really like that he is laid back and never gets irritated. Buying and selling a house can be a stressful experience, so the last thing we need is a pushy agent who is eager to make a commission. Give Sean a chance and you will be glad you did.

kwongjen on 07/11/2013


"I am a first time home buyer who purchased a short sale home a few weeks ago. Thanks to Sean Chao and his expertise and knowledge, I have obtained a dream/goal that I never thought possible. Sean is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market/trends and his experience is worlds apart from other realtors out there that are just trying to get you in any home. I’ve used realtors provided via ziprealty.com in the past and have had zero luck. Then I ran across Sean Chao and the rest is history!

I always felt very comfortable and confident relying on and trusting in Mr. Chao to help me through tough buying decisions. He took time each adventure out to learn what I was looking for and took everything into consideration from home size, location, school districts, etc. His eye for spotting major issues with homes proves his expertise is off the charts. This definitely has been an enjoyable experience.

My four year old even looked forward to having Sean take us out to look for homes and is sad that he can’t see Sean as often now that we are in a home. Sean thank you thank so much for making this dream come true. Because of your savvy negotiation skills and responsiveness, I got the home of my dreams. Thank you for being so trustworthy, honest and generous. If it weren’t for Sean, I wouldn’t be in this home. I didn’t think this would happen so fast.

I will definitely call Sean again to purchase my next property! Great experience with an awesome realtor; definitely Sacramento’s (and surrounding areas) best keep secret! Thanks again Sean for providing me excellent customer service, the confidence I needed to buy and great memories!"

user43913059 on 10/24/2012


"Sean is a very experienced and professional realtor that was able to answer any of my questions and he has a very thorough knowledge of all things pertaining to real estate. He kept me well informed at all stages of the purchasing process. His gentlemanly manner made it a pleasure working with him. We found our dream house with his help so we are very fortunate that he was our realtor."

-OkjooChoi on 06/24/2012


"It’s been a truly wonderful experience for me to have Sean as my agent. Not only is he an excellent agent, he simply is a very nice and trust worthy person.

Of course to be a good agent, one has to possess certain standard attributes such as being knowledgeable, professional, patient, and helpful and so on. But what really sets Sean apart from other agents that I had dealt with in the past, including the three that I pursued unsuccessfully before him, was that he made me feel like I was his friend and therefore for his friend he would do everything he could to help, even things that I thought was totally beyond the scope of his service. He reaches out and helps his clients until they feel truly comfortable with their new deals, just like a mommy bird won’t stop taking care of her little chicks until the chicks can fly on their own.

I sought him out from an internet search after I decided to buy an investment property from the Sacramento area. He was a total stranger to me before then. Since I live very far from Sacramento, I felt nervous and overwhelmed by this distant endeavor. But ever since I met him, I felt that I could truly trust him and rely on him for this ordeal. He gave me a grand tour of the area when I went there for the first time, and provided me with insightful reviews of each district and types of houses I was looking at. He has a keen eye for recognizing the client’s interest and is able to find a house to satisfy the client’s need. And indeed, he found the one that I fell in love with. After the purchase of the house, he helped me to show the house to the potential renters, provided me with the government guidelines for renters and rental properties, arranged services for minor repairs, and gave me suggestions and advice on what type of renters I should consider. Even till now, at the time of writing this review, he is still offering me tips regarding the rental.

Sean is really the best agent I have ever met who is kind, modest, thoughtful, and who genuinely puts his time, effort, and most importantly, his heart into helping his clients. I felt so grateful that I had discovered him to be my agent and I can’t help but spreading good words about him to my friends and to the world.

z_iben on 06/20/2012


"We feel we are so lucky to have Sean as our agent. Sean provided recent list daily and always show the houses we like in the same day we request. Sean never pushed on purchasing, he always provide helpful information and his professional suggestions when we needed. he is very knowledgeable and trustable. we are satisfied with his work and we are sure you would be very happy if you chose him as your agent."

user064820 on 03/12/2012


"My wife and I sadly lost our home in Sacramento, like so many others have in the last 5 years or so. Sean saw us through a very difficult time during the short-sale of our former home. Throughout the transaction he kept us well informed and up to date. Moreover, he was able to keep us calm and patient during the whole process. He had excellent knowledge of this sort of transaction, and whenever a bump appeared in the road, he was on the case immediately and knew or found out what to do next. He provided very clear communication and no runaround, and always returned our calls in a timely manner. I highly recommend Sean Chao for any sort of real estate transaction, especially in these uncertain times. Best Real Estate agent we've ever had."

on 01/24/2012


"Sean Chao is the best selling agent we’ve ever had. He is knowledgeable and professional in his field. When we first met, he asked me and my husband how we found him. I told him no one recommended him to us and we found him by looking at the reviews on Zillow. As our house is a second house in Elk Grove and we live in the Bay Area, we had no idea which agent to pick. Sean started working hard and fast. We signed the contract on Sunday and he had the professional photographer come to the house to take the photos the very next day. The ad was posted in a timely fashion, and open house took place immediately on the coming weekend. Because of his diligence and various strategic moves adjusted to the market trends, we were able to sell our second home in two months. Escrow formally closed today and I am grateful for his professional advice and genuine care for his clients. When we first met, he promised he will treat the house like his own, and he did. He found clients from various sources to buy our furniture and mailed us the check. He worked 24/7 and let me tell you if you want to find a hardworking and responsible agent to buy or sell your house, Sean Chao is the one. Give him a call and he will call you back asap. He won’t pressurize you to sell. At first we were undecided about selling or renting out the house, but he never adds his opinion to persuade us to give him the business. Sean is honest and I really like his integrity. He is a man of few words, but he is very thorough and gets the job done. My husband said if our children should ever want to buy a house, we’ll give him the business. From observing his work ethics and having worked closely with him in the past two months, and from meeting his staff who are equally dedicated and working as hard as him, we have full confidence that he is also an excellent buyer’s agent."

- ahdai on 12/10/2011


"Sean made buying our first home super easy! Every phone call was returned in a speedy manner. Every step was outlined and we were never left in the dark on matters. He worked around our hectic schedules and catered everything to our needs. For a stress free representative in dealing with real estate, choose Sean."

- sonkat5000 on 11/14/2011


"Sean is the best! He is highly knowledgeable and professional, it's no doubt that he's an expert in the housing market in the Sacramento Area. What we appreciate the most is that he is very customer-oriented and patient. It took us over three months to find a satisfactory house(true, we are picky), which means Sean spent 2-3 hours averagely each week on showing us properties. He is VERY dedicated. We are thankful that we had Sean as our agent and we will definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in buying a house in the Sacramento Area!"

- dougmeije on 06/28/2011


"Purchasing my family's first home was a great, memorable experience. The entire journey was an exciting, apprehensive, and life-changing moment in our lives. Naturally, my family had numerous questions. Sean understood this, as he was very patient, knowledgeable, and willing to help us with with this process in any way possible. In such an uncertain economy, we comprehended the importance of investments. We couldn't have asked for a better real estate agent. Sean was extremely personable and professional. He was also quite understanding and worked well with our accommodations and preferences. It was a pleasure working with Sean; in fact, I hope to work with him once more in the near future! I would highly recommend Sean Chao to anyone looking to invest/buy a home."

- natalie116 on 03/21/2011


"I bought my first home and very impress with his knowledge of homes in Sac. area. He takes the extra step to help us find homes to fit our budget. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy their first home or another one. "

- Bingkalou on 03/14/2011


"Sean is a great agent. I have brought multipal property with his help. He gives prompt services and goes extra miles for us, especially since we live out of state. Sean can always be reach, always returns call and even if he is not available he always let us know. I would highly recommend Sean as your RealState agent."

- Sylvia401 on 03/10/2011


"Sean has been my realtor for my past few transactions and have loved his effort and expertise in the housing industry. Sean gives you the personal attention needed to complete your goal, which is buying or selling a property."

- JamesWu23 on 03/07/2011


"Sean put me in my house in El Cerrito, and I love it! He was able to negotiate the price so both parties are happy. I would recommend him to anyone in the Sacramento area."

- mattyee on 03/02/2011


"Whether it was refinancing my first home, purchasing or selling, working with my horrific short sale, and now stepping into the investment world Sean was there through the best of times and the worse of times. Understanding how hectic real estate processes and procedures can be, Sean has always made it simple for me. He has earned my trust and loyalty, and I consider him an integral and important part of my team. What sets Sean apart from other real estate professionals is his genuine honesty and willingness to simply help each client as if he/she was family. I have personally recommended friends, family, and even strangers to Sean, and I have always received nothing short of positive feedback. I plan to continue my success with Sean for many years to come. Like finally discovering that perfect barber or hair stylist, I'm glad to have found my real estate professional. As always, thank you Sean."

- darmycha on 03/01/2011


"Sean is a great agent very patient help me buy a few investment homes. I referred him to two of my friends are also investor."

- Carmichael Davis on 03/01/2011


"Broker and staff members are very professional, positive attitude, dependable, and trustworthy which helped me a build relationship with strong communication levels which is very important! Thanks for everything & helping us find our first home!"

-San S.
on 09/15/2010